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Due  to a technical problem,RIBSTON HALL pool is currently closed.  We are running RH classes at STRS pool instead.

24 Sept - We still have spaces at all levels.  We have taken on a lot of new students this term, and will need a few weeks to get everyone settled in before accepting new ones.  Apologies for not responding to new enquiries immediately.  Thank you for your patience - we will contact you as soon as we can.



What our students say


I am an amputee in my mid fifties, having lost my right leg below the knee to a shark in 1975. Swimming is my main exercise and I am a strong swimmer as a result, albeit self taught. I enrolled in the Swimathon last year but fell ill and was concerned about my stamina. A friend suggested a refresher swimming course so I joined a two day session with Nick from Swimming By Design. Definitely one of my better decisions! 

I was immediately impressed by the structure of the course and the attention to detail. Nick broke my stroke down and soon had me gliding further, using fewer strokes and breathing more efficiently. I learned a lot and took away a number of exercises that I now use regularly. I swam the 2.5 km Swimathon in my best ever time (48 minutes) and raised over £300 for charity. Thanks Swimming By Design!
Brett Jones, Cardiff
I can run for miles and can also swim breastroke well and efficiently over long distances. My crawl was just rubbish. I always swam breaststroke and avoided crawl as after less than a length I would be totally out of breath and struggling to finish the length. What spurred me to learn crawl was the fact that I want to compete in a triathlon and didn't want to be the only person swimming breaststroke. Why Nick's course? It seemed to concentrate on technique and it also expelled a few myths.  I found the course absolutely excellent and Nick a fantastic teacher who has clearly analysed the stroke in considerable detail and knows how to teach it in an easy to understand fashion.
The course starts from the very beginning - breathing (I still do the exercises now) and moved on a small step at a time after the previous step had been perfected.  Almost all the time was spent in the pool, allowing plenty of time for practice of what was being taught. In retrospect, the progression was very logical and individual parts of the stroke were taught bit by bit, building up slowly so that at no stage did I feel that I did not know what I was meant to be doing (although actually doing it was sometimes a different matter). At the end of the course, I could swim a length a lot more efficiently than at the start and knew what I should be doing. Since the course, I have taken away the training notes (only 3 pages) and have continued to practice and, after 10 weeks can now swim a mile easily and my stoke is the most efficient of all the swimmers I see in my pool (less strokes pre length). I would be keen to see Nick again to ensure I am still doing everything correctly but mainly to show him what a great swimmer I am, which proves what an excellent teacher he is.
Bob Curry, London
Having spent years growing ever more frustrated at my laborious efforts to swim lengths and having practically despaired of ever actually enjoying swimming, one hour with Nick changed my whole approach to and understanding of water and my relationship to it. Not only did he cut effortlessly and swiftly to the core of my swimming difficulties based on insightful observation but he did so with empathy and good humour to boot.  This is a rare gift in any walk of life and I would urge anyone who wants to swim with pleasure and enjoyment, whatever their ultimate ambition, to take lessons from Nick.
Nick Corbyn, Cheltenham


  • Very low 4:1 student ratio
  • Modern scientific approach – designed for fast fun learning
  • Teachers in the water, not shouting from the side
  • We practice what we preach – our teachers are great swimmers
  • Friendly professional knowledgeable staff
  • Qualified, insured & CRB checked

Our philosophy encourages students to -

  • Discover their own natural buoyancy
  • Learn comfortable natural breathing
  • Work with the water rather than fight against it
  • Become strong relaxed efficient swimmers