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Private Swimming Lessons

Private swimming lessons are available for anyone who feels they need them. A few examples -

  • Disabled people
  • Very nervous beginners (adult or child)
  • Anyone who wants a parent/carer/friend in the water with them for whatever reason
  • If you want to learn something specific (eg Tumble Turns)
  • Just prefer personal attention

We have exclusive use of the pool for all our classes. This means your private lesson will not be run alongside a noisy public swimming session. There will be a few other classes - either private or very small groups -  but that's all. This is important for those who value their privacy.

Private lessons are available for children or adults.  Most of our adult students come for an hour at a time, but some prefer just half an hour.  For children we recommend only half an hour.


TERM DATES 2020-21

Due to the pandemic, our term dates are uncertain this year.  We will try to schedule extra dates to make up for any missed due to lockdowns.  The latest dates are available upon request.

TIMES (school terms only)

Saturdays  1.00pm - 5.15pm.
Sundays     9.00am - 5.00pm.  
Please contact us for specific class times



Sir Thomas Rich's School

5 mins drive from M5 J11 
(Also easily accessible from Cheltenham via A40)


PRICES - Private Lessons

£30.00 per half hour