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Classes will resume on 5th September, at RIBSTON HALL SCHOOL (Tuffley, Gloucester)

Childrens Swimming Lessons - Gloucester & Cheltenham area

"My child has been having lessons elsewhere, can swim more or less, but doesn't seem to be making any real progress"

"My child is getting left behind"

"My child hates going to their current swimming lessons"

"They swim up and down each lesson but don't seem to learn anything"

If this sounds familiar to you, we are confident you will find our approach refreshingly different.


Our GROUP LESSONS have a maximum of 4 students. We teach in the water, rather than standing on the side shouting orders and blowing whistles. And we lead by example – our teachers demonstrate as well as explain. In other words we practice what we preach.

We also offer PRIVATE LESSONS - more details here.

Lessons are conducted in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. For younger children especially, the emphasis is largely on games and water confidence. But our games are designed to "teach without teaching", not just for amusement. For example, it’s much easier to get a youngster to put their face in the water if you give them something to look at, rather than treating it as a task in its own right.

For older children, we give them enough theory to make them educated swimmers, but not so much that we blind them with science.

We teach our students good habits from the outset. We don’t subscribe to the theory that time and repetition will somehow sort everything out – we think repetition of bad habits just reinforces them. We would rather see our students doing a basic exercise properly than swimming a whole stroke badly. But rest assured, that doesn’t mean boring repetition of dull drills; we keep it interesting and engaging. 

Like most swim schools, we generally take on children aged 4 upwards.  This is in accordance with ASA recommendations as to their physical and mental development.  Also we get a lot of older children coming to us who for one reason or another haven't got on with lessons elsewhere.


START ANY TIME. We run our children’s swimming lessons during school terms. Most parents book before each new term starts; but if you miss the start of term, don’t assume you have to wait till the next one. So long as we have space, you can start any time and simply pay pro rata to the end of the current term.

TERM DATES 2019-20

Starts on 07-08 September 
Weekend off 26-27 October 
Ends after 14-15 December

Starts on 11-12 January
Weekend off 22-23 February 
Ends after 28-29 March

Starts on 25-26 April
Weekend off 23-24 May 
Ends after 11-12 July

TIMES (school terms only)

Saturdays  1.00pm - 5.15pm.
Sundays     9.00am - 5.00pm.  
Please contact us for specific class times



Sir Thomas Rich's School

5 mins drive from M5 J11 
(Also easily accessible from Cheltenham via A40)


PRICES - children's groups

Our groups have a maximum of 4 students. Classes are 30 minutes, including a brief changeover.

Fees work out at £10.00 per lesson.  

You can pay for a term at a time;  or join our monthly payment plan.  (Both schemes are direct debit).