23-24 Feb is our half-term break.  Classes resume 02-03 March

A different approach to swimming lessons

Would you like to learn to swim the way the champions do? You can. We can teach you. Obviously we can’t promise you an Olympic gold medal – but we can teach you great technique. Good technique is the secret of confident, enjoyable, efficient, powerful swimming. With correct technique you will find yourself gliding through the water almost effortlessly – rather than slogging along by brute force (or barely making progress at all!) When it comes to swimming beautifully, less is definitely more.

Who we teach –

For Children (from the age of 4+) we run weekly lessons. These are held during school terms, because we know a lot of parents don't want to pay for swimming lessons they won't use during the holidays. We provide various other activities during school holidays and half terms. 
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For Adults we run weekly lessons and regular workshops with clear objectives.
We cater for all abilities. And all ages – it’s never too late!
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Nervous or downright scared of water? Tried to learn before and failed? We understand that learning to swim is sometimes more about psychology than mechanics. Your confidence and skill will grow together, and reinforce each other. Joined a class but got left behind? All our students get the personal attention they need. Our approach allows you to progress at your own pace. We put a big emphasis on exploring how your own body interacts with the water, allowing you to discover your own "inner swimmer".

How we teach –

Traditional swimming lessons are a somewhat haphazard affair. Far too much depends on the approach and knowledge of the individual teacher. (Did you know you don’t even have to be able to swim to qualify as a swimming teacher? Incredible, but true.) Some of us get lucky and have a great teacher and/or a natural gift, and become good swimmers. But far too many people end up as weak swimmers despite having plenty of lessons. Most will remain stuck at the same level for the rest of their lives.

Swimming by Design is a different kind of swim school.  Naturally our teachers have experience of traditional methods, and are suitably qualified. But we also have our own unique approach - which is logical, scientific, and specifically designed to make learning to swim easy and enjoyable.  We want ALL our students to love their swimming lessons, and reach their potential at their own pace.  

We have a LOT of students who have struggled at other swim schools, but are now making great progress with us.  Why?  Because we think about how students learn (or fail to learn!) motor skills;  because we treat each student as an individual;  because we have designed the swimming lessons and learning environment to make it easy to succeed; because we are constantly looking for ways to improve;  because we don't blame the student if they find something difficult - we look for ways to make it easier.

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Swimming is a skill for life. Start your child out on the right path to give them the gift of great swimming.

Or give yourself or your older child the chance to learn properly once and for all - It’s never too late.



FEBRUARY 2019 - We are urgently looking for several new teachers.

Our Spring term starts on 19-20 January 2019

Our usual pool (Sir Thomas Rich's School) is closed for refurbishment.  It is expected to re-open after Easter 2019.  In the meantime all our classes are at RIBSTON HALL school.

  • Modern scientific approach – designed for fast fun learning
  • Very low 4:1 student ratio
  • We teach in the water, not shouting from the side
  • We practice what we preach – our teachers swim beautifully
  • Friendly professional knowledgeable staff
  • Specialist stroke teachers
  • Qualified, insured & CRB checked

Our system encourages students to -

  • Discover their own natural buoyancy
  • Learn comfortable natural breathing
  • Work with the water rather than fight against it
  • Become strong relaxed efficient swimmers